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Wuhan Twin Tigers Coatings Co., Ltd.

2016.12.10 力諾集團

Twin Tigers, founded in 1928 and now part of the Linuo Group, specializes in the production, marketing, and engineering of coatings. It has received awards such as Top 10 Competitive Enterprise in the Chinese Coating Industry, Top 500 Enterprise in Science and Technology, Famous Trademark of China, and won dozens of science and technology progress awards and national invention patents. Wuhan Twin Tigers is also several R&D institutes, including a national postdoctoral center, a training base for the coatings industry in central-south China, and the Hubei Coatings Industry Research Institute.


Linuo, the parent company of Twin Tigers, has constructed an eco-friendly and energy-saving industrial park, actively responding to the Wuhan Municipal Government directives to move chemical factories out of the inner ring of the city.  We have invested 3.4 billion CNY in setting up a fine chemicals and coatings production and research industry park along the banks of the Yangtze River. Twin Tigers Coatings factory in the industrial park was put into operation in 2015. It covers an area of 167 mu (approximately 11.13 hectare) and consists of 12 buildings. The enterprise has updated its equipment, production technology and products. The equipment imported from abroad is up to the first-class standard of a German smart industrial park.  Raw material inventory, material input, transport and packaging in the factory are automated. In this way, the quality of raw materials and efficacy of raw material usage are being upgraded, and safety and environmental concerns fully met. The designed capacity of Twin Tigers is 110,000 tonnes output of industrial coatings, auto coatings and resin, with a potential output of 1.5 billion CNY, and total profits and taxes of 200 million CNY.


In face of the new economic norm, Twin Tigers started to explore proactively the path of transformation in 2016. The company has identified three sectors for development, namely industrial coatings, auto coatings and resin. In the meantime, we lay emphasis on upgrading our company production system and technological innovation.  Twin Tigers believes in smart production, market globalization, assets capitalization and value maximization – we aim to achieve an annual output of 5 billion CNY in 2020.